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Key Features

- Vacuum and Mop in One Pass
- 5500Pa High Power Suction
- PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation
- DuoRoller™ Brush
- Adaptive Route Algorithms
- Seamless Floor Cleaning
- Customizable App Features
- ScratchSafe® Wheels and Brushes
- 770ml Large Dustbin for Longer Pet Hair
- Work with Alexa&Google Home&Apple Siri
- Off-Peak Charging Supported
- Only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. 5GHz is not supported.

Clean with Double Simplicity.

Experience a revolution in cleaning with the DuoRoller™ Brush. Coupled with an impressive 5,500 Pa suction and smart navigation, the Q5 Pro delivers an effortless cleaning experience.

Remove Dust You Hardly See

Q5 Pro can vacuum and mop simultaneously to capture fine dust that vacuuming alone might miss. The detachable design of the mop makes it versatile enough to meet all your cleaning needs.

Impressive 5,500 Pa Suction Power

HyperForce® suction power has been upgraded to 5,500 Pa, allowing Q5 Pro to easily remove dirt and pet hair from different types of floors, leaving you with a spotless living space every time.

Double Rollers for Double the Power

Introducing the DuoRoller™ Brush, the latest in Roborock’s cleaning technology, designed to enhance vacuuming performance on carpets and ensure fewer hair tangles to provide a hassle-free cleaning

*Compared to Roborock Q7. Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer.

Larger Dustbin for Longer Pet Hair

Featuring a spacious 770ml onboard dustbin, the Q5 Pro efficiently handles long pet hair, enhancing the convenience of your cleaning routine.

Customizable App Features

Personalize your cleaning routine with a custom cleaning. Set a time, cleaning mode, and the rooms need to be cleaned, and the process will start automatically.

Precise Mapping for Smart Navigation

PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation and the most advanced algorithm of Roborock, creates detailed and accurate maps, enabling the Q5 Pro to identify the most efficient route to navigate for optimal cleanliness.

Seamless Floor Cleaning

The Q5 Pro cleans hardwood floors by moving in the direction of the seams and getting between the cracks for better cleaning efficiency, leaving dirt nowhere to hide.

Fast Cleaning

Experience 30% faster cleaning* by selecting the fast cleaning route on the app as needed, helping you save time.

*Compared to standard cleaning route mode. Actual results may vary according to the home environment.

3D Mapping Support

Take a fresh look at your home and get a clearer understanding of your layout with 3D Mapping. You can even add furniture and floor materials to recreate your home virtually.

Multi-Level Mapping

Many homes have multiple levels. Multi-level mapping systems automatically recognize distinct levels of your home. All you have to do is put the robot down. No additional docks, no need to identify the level in your app. Up to four levels supported.

Clean On and On

Driven by a powerful 5200mAh battery, Q5 Pro can clean non-stop for up to 4 hours, ensuring prolonged cleaning sessions without interruptions.

Speak to Command

Take control by commanding your robot to start cleaning the entire house or tackle specific rooms with just the power of your voice. It can be connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri for ease of access.

Off-peak Charging Supported

Get the most of low energy prices by charging your vacuum during off-peak hours. Save money while still keeping your robot charged up and ready to clean.

Keeps Carpets Bright

Automatic Carpet Boost automatically ramps suction power to maximum when a carpet is detected

What's in the Box

Q5 Pro Robot Vacuum(1)

Water Tank(1)

Mop Cloth(1)

Charging Dock (1)

Power Cable (1)

User Manual (1)


Retail box Dimensions:17.4*15.4*5.3 inches

Box Weight:12 lbs

Robot Weight:6.6 lbs

Robot Dimensions:13.9*13.8*3.8 inches

Battery Type:5200mAh Lithium Ion

Love a clean home with pets

Roborock robot quickly cleans hair, cleans floors, and makes your home spotless