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RM4,199.00 MYR
Q Revo MaxV
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- FlexiArm Mop

Dynamic Extension, Extreme Edge Cleaning
The robot automatically extends the mop when cleaning corners and edges, setting a new record among all of Roborock's products.

- Dynamic Hot Water Re-Wash and Re-Mop

Roborock's first product with adjustable water temperature for mop washing, which can be up to 60°C to remove oil stains. Adaptive re-washing instead of simple washing, the robot will adapt the washing time and water flow to the turbidity of the mop washing water for better cleaning with less water. Automatically detect heavily stained areas and mop them again

- All-Rubber Anti-Tangle Brush

Unleashing 7000 Pa Extreme Suction
The extreme suction of 7000 Pa, together with the all-rubber main brush independently developed by Roborock, makes it easy to clean all kinds of floor.

- Liftable Brush and Mop

The main brush is automatically lifted to protect the dustbin from water and lower the noise to 54 dB(A)
The mops are automatically lifted to vacuum without wetting the carpet*

* The mop modules can automatically lift up to 10 mm. If your carpet pile is higher than 5 mm or you want to avoid wetting the carpet more reliably, please switch to avoid mode. *

Various Cleaning Options for You

1. Mop-only
2. Vacuum-only
3. Vacuum & Mop
4. Vacuum then Mop

- 3 Carpet Cleaning Modes
(Efficient cleaning without wetting the carpet)

1. Deep Carpet Cleaning
Vacuums the identified carpet twice in a zigzag cleaning pattern

2. Vacuum Carpet First
Vacuums the identified carpet before wetting the mop to avoid wetting the carpet.

3. Carpet Boost
Identifies the carpet with ultrasound and automatically boosts the suction.

* You need to enable carpet cleaning features manually in the Roborock app. *

- Brand-New Multifunctional Dock

1. Self-Washing with Hot Water
Three levels of water temperature are available, functioning like high-temperature cleaning by a washer.

2. Self-Drying
Warm air from dual channels quickly removes moisture from mops and the dock base.

3. Self-Emptying
An E12-rated dust bag can last for more than 7 weeks.

4. Self-Refilling
A large-capacity water tank of 4L automatically refills the built-in water tank.

5.Detachable Dock Base
Easily remove the dock base for your cleaning convenience, avoiding stains remaining.

- Voice control with far-field mic

Able to detect the voice direction and location to handle for "come here cleaning"

1. Start and Pause Cleaning
2. Cleanups by Cal
3. Adjustment of suction
4.Adjustment of water flows
5. Auto-emptying
6. Mop washing and drying

- Reactive AI Smart Obstacle Avoidance

* See It, Avoid It *

1. The integration of structured light and RGB camera enables the robot to identify and avoid 62 types of objects in 20 categories.
2. 62 types of Objects Recognizable
3. Automatic Room Recognition
4. Smart Suggestions for No-Go Zones

- Automatic Pet Recognition10

Don't Worry. It Will Avoid Them.
When approaching kitties or puppies, the vacuum robot will immediately stop its main brush, and move aside in advance to prevent frightening your beloved pets.

- Video Call

With Your Pets at Home at Any Time
Real-time video calls and two-way voice interaction allow you to "talk" with your cute pets in a unique way.

- PreciSense® LiDAR Navigation

Smarter Than You'd Imagine
Scans quickly to know your home environment and creates detailed maps to find an optimal route to clean your home.

1. 6x Faster Quick Mapping
2. 3D Map Display
3. Multi-level Mapping System

- More Control Options Are Available

1. Custom Cleaning Routines
2. Quick task execution
3. Launcher Widgets
4. Task execution with one click
5. Apple Watch App
6. Remote task control

- 30% Faster Charging

Quickly resume cleaning with 30% faster charging than before and get the most from low energy prices by charging during off-peak hours. Do your bit for the environment.

Off-Peak Charging

Q Revo MaxV Dimensions

Robot: 350 * 353 * 102 mm
Dock: 340 * 487 * 521 mm

1 x Q Revo MaxV Black
1 x Dock
1 x Power Cable (EU 2 pin)
1 x Water Tank
1 x User Manual

Love a clean home with pets

Roborock robot quickly cleans hair, cleans floors, and makes your home spotless